Stoke, Plymouth

Offering Comfortable En-suite Rooms & Independent Living

Balmain Care Home is situated in the Stoke area of Plymouth. It has 29 rooms available, some of which are en-suite. The home is split into four houses, each with it’s own lounge area. Although the home is a non-smoking premises we do have a ‘smoking area’ available to the residents should they so wish. Balamin is a short bus ride from Plymouth City centre with all of it’s facilities and shops easily accessible.

Features of Balmain

29 rooms available

4 houses each with lounge area

short bus ride to city centre

Unique Support With Mental Health

Tailored Support for Residents' Unique Needs and Ensuring Holistic Well-being

The primary function at Balmain is to offer support to those who are suffering from Mental Health issues or illnesses. Our mental health services are unique to the needs of the locality, in one area for example we support people with longer term severe and enduring mental health needs, in others we work with people with organic mental health problems of the ages of 18 and up who have high level of complex needs that have often challenged services. Our aim is wherever possible to enable our residents to re-equip themselves to return to life within the community. However we do appreciate that in certain circumstances there are residents that require a long term stay in a home that offers the best of welfare safety and security in a stable environment and being cared for by staff that they have come to know and trust.

For anyone needing support or care for mental health concerns, we offer a wide range of personalised services. Service users can be admitted either on an informal basis or on a more formal nature when unfortunately matters have deteriorated to a point where measures under the Mental Health Act are required post hospital admission. Under all circumstances each potential resident is formally and professionally assessed by a trained skilled member of our team.

Person-centred ‘Support Plans’

Person-Centred Care & Community Integration at Balmain Care Home

We utilise person-centred ‘support plans’ which are corroborated by multi-disciplinary teams of highly-qualified professionals, and our Service Users are encouraged to choose holistic routes that will promote positive mental health and an all-round feeling of well-being.

Wherever possible, social and community integration is promoted. The team works pro-actively, with local groups supporting access to local leisure and recreation facilities, local or regional events and further education courses.

Additional Facilities


Catering for those who are suffering from Mental Health issues as a result of drug & alcohol related problems.

Therapy Room

A therapy room that is used by service users to promote basic living skills with the goal of repatriation into the community

Accessible Transport

7 seat people carrier which facilitates not only transport to and from hospital and doctors appointments but also allows for numerous trips and outings for the residents.

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