Summer events at Trenant

With the better weather coming and thoughts of summer holidays two of our residents are off to Butlin’s for a short break. They are taking the coach from Plymouth to Minehead.

Staff are going to support them but we are sure it’s for the fun and entertainment including the “Telly Tubbies” and evening cabaret in the clubhouse. Other fundraising days are being planned our very popular “Cornish Cream Tea” and a “Table Top Sale. We have an photo’s from childhood guessing board where staff and residents pay £1.00 with whoever gets the names correct has a small gift but the monies go to residents funds to pay for more entertainment and craft materials. We have regular “Clothes Parties”, Bingo afternoons and our “Themed” food nights. The next requested theme is India and residents are choosing their favourite foods from the menu.

On at least a monthly basis we have a singer or entertainer come into Trenant which our residents really enjoy. The current regular is “Wendy” who has a range of songs from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. It is wonderful to see our residents who often do not engage very much activity to really join in the fun with foot tapping, clapping or singing along. We do have tears at times when significant songs from their past bring up memories of their past.