New pet therapy sessions

Pet therapy

During April we introduced our new pet therapy sessions with Bella the pug and the residents seem to be enjoying them. Some of the benefits of pet therapy sessions can include; reducing blood pressure, improve overall cardiovascular health, releasing endorphins which produce a calming effect which can help alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve your overall psychological state.

Bella is a five year old pug and is the manager’s dog. You will see Bella trotting around the ground floor of the home most days much to the delight of the residents. Bella is a very friendly dog who enjoys the love and attention from our residents. Everyone enjoys giving Bella a cuddle or gently patting her, she also gets a few sneaky biscuits here and there.

We have also taken advantage of the recent sunshine by holding our first garden party of the year. There was music, laughter and lots of ice cream to go around. It was lovely to see so many of the residents enjoying themselves. Bella attended also and enjoyed a pet therapy session in the sunshine. She too enjoyed the ice-cream.